Benefits of outsourcing
  •  Flexibility and mobility in asset management, possibility to focus on the basic type of business, simplification of control and increase of its effectiveness. Simplification of the management structure, due to the exception of intermediate and duplicate functions, part of functions on providing of business processes, reduction of document flow.
  • Removal from a share of responsibility, shifting of risk to another company.
  • Strengthening the potential of growth and removal of any of its limitations.
  • The implementation of outsourcing efficiently influences the development of cooperation with foreign investors and international institutions during the procedure of IPO, as it improves the investment attractiveness.
  • The presence of the required number of employees during the seasonal activity of the business, starting new product lines, without depending on limitations.
  • Reducing the cost of HR administration and accounting.
  • The presence of workers in remote areas and substantial savings on trips, additional spending.
  • Reducing of operating costs due to the transfer functions of an external contractor. Optimization of staff and as a consequence, the reduction of a part of transaction costs or transfer them from permanent to variables.
  • Improving the quality of service and strengthen its stability (outsourcing company provides guarantees and is responsible for the quality of work performed).

Examples of efficiency of non-core functions after the transfer to our company

Europe has long recognized the undeniable advantages of outsourcing, now more than 70% of European companies have moved to outsourcing services, in Ukraine this figure is considerably less, but trends indicate that in the near future it will grow.