In the production of coke-chemical products
  • technical maintenance and technical inspection of unloading system ;
  • marking of cargoes;
  • operation of railway, grab, bridge, gantry cranes and their maintenance;
  • cleaning of carriages after their unloading;
  • operation and maintenance of conveyor sector;
  • operation and maintenance of the bunker sector;
  • repair of carriages: depot, major;
  • technical maintenance of carriages (shift hatch, repair intermediate beams, installation or replacement of the upper reinforced sheets, etc.);
  • repair of wheel pairs;
  • inspection of carriages;
  • preparation of the carriages for commercial use;
  • painting of locomotives;
  • preparation of bodies of freight railway carriages for loading;
  • cargo escorting in the route of CIS countries and abroad.

Examples of efficiency of non-core functions after the transfer of our company

The company produces and offers a high quality activated carbon (anthracite, crushed) of the trade mark "ALTEKO." Our activated carbon has a wide range of applications:

     –  in water treatment plants for the production of feeding make-up water to compensate the loss of water, condensate and steam;
     –  to prevent the destruction of the ion-exchange resins;
     –  to remove impurities of organic origin;
     –  to clean the fuel-oiled waters;
     –  for waste-water treatment;
     –  in the circulating water supply systems;
     –  other areas of application.