Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning

  • dry mechanical or wet cleaning of floors, walls and doors, machines and units, other equipment;
  • chemical cleaning of various types of floor coverings, floor coating with protective compounds;
  • mechanical and chemical cleaning of the heating systems, water supply, ventilation systems, boilers, thermal energy facilities, water drain, sewer, garbage, and other equipment;
  • cleaning and washing of the facades (cleaning the external surfaces of buildings and constructions, glass surfaces, windows, lighting elements, and advertising);
  • removing of multiyear layers of oil and greasing- cooling liquids from floors, walls, ceilings, surfaces;
  • cleaning of thermal power equipment, preparation for repair;
  • acid washing with technological equipment of the heating surfaces from deposits, systems of cold and hot water and much more. 
  • cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in bathrooms;
  • cleaning of industrial and construction waste, industrial waste at production facilities and adjacent territories;
  • cleaning of technological dust;
  • mowing the grass along the railway tracks;
  • maintenance of roads and alleys within the company (garbage collection, snow, frost treatment).
Office cleaning
  • cleaning of offices, production premises and public areas;
  • wet cleaning of hard floors (removal of dirt and stains with the use of specially selected products, disinfection);
  • care for glass surfaces;
  • dry cleaning of carpet coatings;
  • wet cleaning of dust on the window-sills, doors, boards, panels;
  • cleaning of working places (removing dust from furniture, office equipment) with the use of special products for polishing;
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • daily removal of garbage from replacing garbage bags;
  • cleaning and washing of the input systems (stairs);
  • cleaning up of  rooms for meal;
  • cleaning of dirty absorbing carpets;
  • wet cleaning of the floor (with disinfection);
  • cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in bathrooms;
  • removal of dust from the walls;
  • dry cleaning of carpeting;
  • cleaning of the windows.
Other services
  • lawn care (cutting grass, cleaning leaves);
  • care for the trees (pruning);
  • landscape design;
  • maintenance of flower beds (planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing);
  • care of the fountains.
  • maintenance for the water conduit.
The company uses the technical facilities of well-known world manufacturers, that are certified in Ukraine, such as KARCHER, HAKKA, WIKING etc.