Environmental services

In the field of air protection:

  • inventory of sources of emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere;
  • development of the substantiation of volumes of emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere (on the basis of technological standards);
  • certification of gas-cleaning and dust collection equipment. 
In the field of waste treatment:
  • registration and removal from the state registration in the field of atmospheric air protection;
  • inventory of industrial waste;
  • development of technical passports of waste;
  • preparation of materials for the receipt of limits for waste formation and placement;
  • drafting of register cards of the objects of formation, treatment and disposal of waste;
  • preparation of technological regulations of the waste treatment;
  • drafting of primary accounting forms and reporting. 
In the field of water objects protection:
  • development and approval of permits for special water use and draft standards of maximum permissible discharges;
  • development of specific standards of water use;
  • development of individual technological standards for use of drinking water in the water supply and sanitation sector;
  • development of Rules of operation of water reservoirs, etc.
General services:
  • environmental audits;
  • calculation of environmental payments;
  • representation of environmental interests of the company in court and other authorities.

The company has all permission documents for carrying out of environmental audit.

The company produces and offers a high quality activated carbon (anthracite, crushed) of the trade mark "ALTEKO." Our activated carbon has a wide range of applications:

      –  in water treatment plants for the production of feeding make-up water to compensate the loss of water, condensate and steam;
      –  to prevent the destruction of the ion-exchange resins;
      –  to remove impurities of organic origin;
      –  to clean the fuel-oiled waters;
      –  for waste-water treatment;
      –  In the circulating water supply systems;
      –  other areas of application.
The specialists of our company are always ready to provide advice or assistance in any field, related to the environmental character, including representation of the companies interests in court.